Retainer Line

Retainer Line
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The retainer system is used in temporarily installation applications, where the fender is installed with double-sided tape (see below).  This provides a surprisingly secure hold for a tape, but is not as secure as the 5200 adhesive recommended for permanent application. And, while we think our fenders are generally terrific, one unfortunate issue is that they do not float!  So, our retainer line system is used to tie the fender to nearby hardware.

See pictures to the left for examples of how this works. 

Adding this item (1 per fender) to your purchase includes: i) retainer line, ii) washers to secure the line, iii) installation of hole and countersink feature to keep the knots flush.

Addition of this feature is somewhat customizable and needs to be coordinated with the production of our fender.  Please email to discuss application of this feature.

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Price $15.00

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